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When Plush & Loom was born, one of our first ideas was to help people in need get better sleep. It became a driving force behind the company and pushed us to design a high quality mattresses out of affordable materials.


We are proud that every mattress purchased from Plush & Loom sponsors our “Give Sleep, Get Rest” program. For every mattress you purchase, we’re able to donate one to underprivileged children, veterans and people in crisis. We work with local charities and shelters to ensure your gift goes where it will do the most good.


Better sleep has been linked to better physical, emotional and psychological health across the board. It’s linked with better school performance for children and better job performance for adults. We think everybody deserves to reap those rewards. Help us give the gift of better sleep to the families that need it the most.


If you know of a local organization that could use our help, please contact us!

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul


One of our earliest and largest partners, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been providing food, clothing, housing and medical care to people in need for many years. Hundreds of families from across Phoenix, Arizona rely on SVdP’s dining rooms for meals every weekday. Hundreds more in crisis have found help getting back home when they were stranded, keeping their homes when facing eviction and more.


On September 7th 2016, we celebrated our website launch and our partnership with SVdP by donating 100 Plush & Loom mattresses. Ten were raffled off to needy families immediately, and SVdP will take it from there. We hope our first 100 mattreses will be followed by many, many more.


Plush & Loom is also thrilled to have outfitted Ozanam Manor, SVdP’s safe haven for homeless veterans, the elderly and the disabled, with brand new mattresses. Ozanam Manor provides much more than a place to sleep. Their support and group programs help the homeless integrate back into the community and work towards finding a permanent place to call home.

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Other Organizations

House of Refuge is an early Plush & Loom partner that received 25 mattresses from us in September 2016. Located in Mesa, Arizona, House of Refuge houses approximately 250 homeless people daily, more than half of them children. Many are fleeing domestic violence.


House of Refuge is a safe haven and transitional home. Their social services program helps families transition into permanent housing through employment education, financial literacy and other support programs. We hope that by giving these families a better night’s sleep, they’ll wake up every day feeling empowered and ready to fight for their new lives.

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