A Better Night’s Sleep For You and the World

When your sleep-heavy eyes finally close and your thoughts drift to the land of Nod, your body and mind start preparing to fulfill the promise of tomorrow. Imagine if you could nurture that promise with deep, restful sleep and a cradle of comfort that takes the pressure off of your hard-working body.

At Plush & Loom, we believe everyone deserves sleep that wonderful. That’s why we built our own mattress from scratch, and for every mattress we sell, we donate one to a good cause.

Meet the Plush & Loom Mattress

Designed and assembled in the USA, our mattress is the marriage of three unique layers chosen to give you the best sleep surface.

Layer 1 Cool and Cradling

Two inches of Plush and Loom Serene Foam designed to adapt to your body’s shape. Our Supportive Air Technology eliminates pressure points to promote better body alignment. Unlike memory foam our Serene Foam is not temperature sensitive keeping you cool all night long.

Layer 2 The “Just Right” Layer

Two inches of Plush Foam smooths the exchange between our cushy top layer and firmer base. Based on sleeper feedback, we developed this proprietary foam that provides a softer sleep surface without sacrificing support.

Layer 3 Deep Support

At the base of it all is six lofty inches of high density foam for a satisfying support you can feel all the way in your bones. We picked our foam for superior lumbar support and a more well-rounded mattress than memory foam alone.


Proud Partner of St. Vincent de Paul
Giving Sleep is our Passion and when You Buy a Mattress from Plush & Loom you Give Sleep to a person in need. See how rewarding Giving Sleep can be.


“Sooooo in love with my Plush & Loom mattress! It was amazing to have a king size mattress show up to my door in a box.”

“The most comfortable mattress for the best value I have ever found! And I get to help out someone else at the same time!”

“We absolutely love the bed. It’s comfy, and has perfect support. What I love even more is that you donate a mattress to a child in need. You guys are amazing!”

Are you ready for better sleep?


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