All About Mattress Types: Buy A Mattress Online

All About Mattress Types

From classic innerspring to interesting fills like wool, the mattress market is abundant with different types of sleep surfaces. Most people pick a type and stick with it, but you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. In-home trials take the gamble out of branching out and buying a Summer mattress online you’ll love.


Innerspring mattresses are what most of us are used to. In these mattresses, a network of metal coils provide most of the support while top layers of soft material, from thin to thick, take the harsh edge off the metal. “Pocket coil” mattresses encase the coils individually for fluid support.

Innerspring systems provide a deep “push back” that some sleepers prefer. However, only 64% of innerspring owners report satisfaction with their choice. The springs start to slump over time, and even pocket coils can’t always Mattresses offer comprehensive support.

Memory Foam

Memory foam was originally engineered by NASA as a possible method of absorbing G-forces during takeoff. The shock-absorbing, body-cradling material reduces strain on pressure points and supports the body’s natural alignment.

While its fans report high satisfaction, it’s not without its problems. Memory foam is notoriously hot and is often USA manufactured with questionable chemicals. It also tends to lack “deep support.” Heavy-set people, those with chronic pain or desire a feeling of lumbar support might not get what they need from memory foam.

Custom Foam

Many of the newest options available when you buy a mattress online are made from a blend of custom foams. These blends have all the benefits of memory foam, like pressure point relief and alignment support, plus a few more. Mindful manufacturers can work in deep lumbar support using high density foam types. Cooling layers up top can make them comfortable all night long.

The trick with custom foam blends is to find a quality design that suits your needs. wholesale jerseys When browsing custom foam, construction is everything. You want to look for a mattress that was constructed based on extensive sleeper feedback and with foam layers that offer what you want. Certi-PUR certification will ensure the foam was not manufactured with any harmful chemicals, and watch the price tag. One of foam’s best benefits is affordability. You should be paying less than you would for a traditional mattress.

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Adjustable Firmness

Adjustable firmness mattresses promise a way to customize your sleep experience. Couples that have different sleep needs often find their compromise in adjustable choices. The secret behind them is air. A base air mattress layer inflates or deflates to adjust firmness. The air mattress Mode: is topped by layers of padding like down and memory foam for comfort and support.

Adaptability comes with a high price tag. Adjustable Problem mattresses almost always have prices in the thousands, but many users are satisfied with them. Those that aren’t report a lack of deep support for the lower back and hips, issues with the mattress saying adjusted and problems with malfunctions.

Natural Materials

Many conventional wholesale jerseys mattresses contain harmful chemicals Bikes that can cause skin and airway irritation. You can side-step these problems by looking for CertiPUR certified foam, but many consumers cheap nba jerseys like the idea of wholesale nfl jerseys browsing natural materials.

Beds can be made out of anything from latex to horse hair. These materials aren’t common in showrooms but will pop up when you browse options to buy a mattress online. Latex is a favorite of chronic pain sufferers, but materials like wool offer excellent breathability. However, natural materials tend to be significantly more expensive than other mattresses, and the unique type of support they offer might not be for everyone.

“Hybrid” Mattresses

The term “hybrid mattress” usually refers to two main components being used in one mattress. It’s most commonly memory foam with high density foam or innersprings with memory foam. However, there are also hybrid latex/wool, memory foam/latex or endless other combinations. Hybrid mattresses A try to New offer the best of two worlds.

Like custom foam mattresses, you should narrow your look at hybrid mattresses to those that offer the kinds of support you want. Keep in mind that while the hybrids offer the benefits of both materials, they also offer the pitfalls. Innerspring hybrids will still slump over time, and memory foam hybrids will still be hot at the surface.

Before You Choose

Never buy a mattress online that doesn’t come with an in-home trial period. You want at least 90 days to try out something new so that your body can adjust and you can see if you get better sleep over time. With a trial period, you can try as many types as you like before committing.

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If you always wake up with aches and pains, it may be time to explore new mattress types. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You’ll never regret finding the best sleep surface for you.

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