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Bedtime Brought to You by America: Why Made in the USA Matters

Most mattress shoppers dive into the process looking for a good mattress at a cheap MLB jerseys good price. But what about where it’s made? Manufacturing is often the last thing you think about when you go shopping, but where your mattress comes can have some surprising implications.

Buying a mattress made in the USA is more than just patriotic. It’s a gesture of social, economic and environmental awareness. It supports American communities and ensures you’re buying a mattress that was manufactured within stringent standards. Take the time to weigh your choice before you buy.

Supporting American Jobs

It may be obvious that buying American good supports cheap jerseys American jobs, but even the obvious cheap NFL jerseys bears repeating. American manufacturing jobs were once Hotel the heart of the American middle class. They provide lifelong, proud careers without the need for years of crushing student loan debts and can revitalize communities in need of industry. According to ABC World News, if every American spent just $3.33 more a year on American made goods, it could create 10,000 new jobs.

Supporting one American industry can support many others in turn. Economists often argue that choosing American goods is only good for the economy when they’re the most affordable option. With affordable and high quality made-in-the-USA mattress options now on the market, going with Uncle Sam makes perfect sense.

Support Better Labor Standards

According to a United Nations report, one in seven children in the world can be classified as a child laborer. As of 2008, ??? 115 million of them were working in hazardous environments.

Child labor wholesale MLB jerseys is just one of many appalling, exploitative labor standards are unfortunately present in the international market. By buying American, you can sleep easy knowing the workers that made your mattress have the protection of American laws and regulations.

Preventing Environmental Abuses

mattress made in the usa
Manufacturing is a messy process. Burning fuels produces emissions, combining compounds produces liquid waste and putting everything together makes solid waste aplenty. Here in the States, we have some demanding standards in place dictating that we deal with these byproducts safely and in a way that mitigates their impact on the environment.

Unfortunately, some of the world’s top manufacturing nations have little to no environmental protections standards. Waste products are dumped directly into water supplies and emissions are spewed into the atmosphere unchecked. It’s toxic for the environment and dangerous for the factory workers. By buying a mattress made in the USA, you’re keeping the air you breathe and water you drink clear for you and your children.

Savvy Conservation

According to a study by the International Maritime Organization, overseas shipping accounts for an astonishing 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. That cheap nfl jerseys worked out to The over 899 million tons of emissions in 2012 alone.
Imagine how much you would have to burn to ship a cargo hold full of finished, heavy mattresses overseas. Buying a mattress manufactured a little closer to home can take a big chunk of your nap time’s carbon footprint.

Buying Safer Products

When you go to bed Bozza each night, you want to be certain you are sleeping safe and sound, literally. You want to know your mattress is constructed in a safe manner and free from harmful compounds like lead and formaldehyde.

Any mattress sold in the US has to meet certain safety standards, but American manufacturers have nowhere to run if they break the law. They aren’t an anonymous company from across the ocean that can get lost in the international legal system. They have a vested interest in ensuring they produce safe, quality products.

Investing In American Communities

When a new business comes to town, a funny thing starts happening. People are able to get better jobs. When they get better jobs, their wallets are heavier. They can go out and go to the movies, buy new cars and get their kids braces.

In turn, the movie theater can hire new employees, the car salesman can take his wife out to dinner and the orthodontist can hire painters to give his offices a fresh coat of paint. With the taxes they all pay, the county can fix up the roads and hire a few more teachers for the schools.

The cycle continues from there until you have a thriving community. Buying a mattress made in the USA is investing in the health and happiness of the American way of life. Before you buy your next mattress, double check its tag. If it doesn’t say “made in the USA,” rethink your choice. That one little detail has the power to make a big difference.

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