The Truth About Mattresses


Choose Better Sleep: How to Buy a Mattress Without Getting Lost in the Hype Machine

A good mattress is a simple idea with enormous importance. When you lay your head down at night, you need your mattress to offer comfort, support and pressure relief so that you can wake up refreshed the next day. If only finding a good mattress was as easy as it should be.

From the moment the doors of a mattress store open, you’re bombarded with salesman, advertising gimmicks, chemical smells and overwhelming options. If it seems unnecessary, it’s because it is.

The truth about mattresses is that those showroom darlings are more about marketing than your lasting satisfaction. Mattresses don’t need to be two feet high with twelve layers of material and button a fancy name. All you need is something that is designed for your comfort, not to be the “next big thing in sleep.”

Mattresses Aren’t Wedding Cakes

It’s in our nature to think more is better. A 20-inch “ultra plush” mattress boasting twelve layers of “unique material” sounds fantastic, but what sounds great and what works are very different.

If the big brands are the “mattress manufacturing experts,” why can’t they design a few, superior materials that do what they’re supposed to do instead of having to pile on extras? Added layers with catchy names are nothing more than marketing ploys, and ultra thick mattresses are billing you for excess material that don’t truly cheap offer more support.

Mattress design should be influenced more by sleeper’s needs than marketing ploys and price tags. A few layers of high quality material in the 8 to 12 inch range is ideal. A good mattress will be able to deliver the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had without costing you thousands.

Why Not Plain Memory Foam?mattress-layers

When they first hit the market, memory foam mattresses were touted as the holy grail of sleep solutions. Most big brands offer their own memory foam mattresses now, and some “high end” mattresses are built with slabs of memory foam four inches or thicker crammed into the design.

While memory foam can provide pressure point relief, sleepers consistently report issues with cheap jerseys unpredictable firmness, heat retention and overall support. Sleepers simply sink into memory foam too much, and the lack of deep support can lead to widespread aching and back pain.

Foam mattresses, which conform to the body wholesale nfl jerseys better than traditional springs, can still be an excellent solution. The key is to look for a mattress that blends multiple kinds of foam to get the ideal balance of cooling, pressure relief and deep support.

What That Plastic-y Smell Means

When you buy a new iste mattress from a showroom, an unwelcome guest is coming home with you. That weird “new mattress smell” is more than just unpleasant. New and old mattresses alike are known to release VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, a leading cause of poor indoor air quality.

In the short term, VOCs can cause nausea and respiratory problems. In the long term, they’ve been linked to kidney and nervous system damage as well as cancers. One recent study found that even crib-sized mattresses will release up to 87.1 micrograms of VOCs per square meter per hour.

No one wants to sleep in a cloud of chemical fumes. When shopping for a new mattress, look for brands certified by CertiPUR-US. These materials are low-VOC and free from chemical agents like formaldehyde, CFCs and heavy metals.

What Makes a Good Mattress

When it comes to shopping, it can be hard to cut through the marketing and see the truth about the mattresses you’re looking at. Get some leave clarity by asking yourself these questions as you shop:

• Am I paying for more inches and layers than will truly help me?
• Is the design based zCrush on good principles or marketing schemes?
• Does it cheap jerseys provide deep support as well as pressure point relief?
• What information is available about what the mattress is made of and if it’s manufactured with harmful substances?
• Is the price reasonable, or am I paying for ad campaigns instead of quality materials?
• Will this mattress keep me cool and comfortable all night long?

Once you have found a mattress you think you feel good about purchasing, make sure it comes from a company with a good warranty and an in-home trial period. A good warranty should protect you from manufacturing defects like sagging for ten years. In-home trials give your body time to adjust to your new mattress and truly see if it’s right for you.

Buy With Confidence

Above all, you should feel good about your mattress purchase. Most people only buy a new mattress every ten years, so be sure to make your decision count.

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