Is Hong Kong More Expensive Than London?

What is the average salary in Hong Kong?

The current average salary per month is 19100 HKD (2430 USD) for male workers and 14700 HKD (1875 USD) for female workers.

Source: Edigest (in Chinese).

Cost of living in Hong Kong is relatively high, but real estate is very expensive..

What is considered rich in Hong Kong?

The study defines millionaires as those with liquid assets – deposits, mutual funds and stocks and bonds – of HK$1 million. It was conducted from September to November last year and involved 4,139 Hongkongers and 200 mainlanders. Hong Kong’s population in 2017 was 7.36 million.

How much is a bottle of water in Hong Kong?

Bottled water is everywhere in HK. Supermarket offers better prices than convenient stores. Depending on the brand, 1L should cost around $10.

How much does a meal cost in Hong Kong?

While meal prices in Hong Kong can vary, the average cost of food in Hong Kong is HK$205 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Hong Kong should cost around HK$82 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

What is the most expensive city in the world to buy a house?

MonacoThe most expensive city in the world for property, Monaco truly sets the luxury standard. With over a third of its population made up of millionaires, this city is packed with man-made extravagance and breathtaking natural sights. A tax-friendly economy makes it especially enticing to luxury buyers across the globe.

How much is a Big Mac in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong – $2.48 In addition to their graphically pleasing burger box, Hong Kong sells the Big Mac for $2.56 less than United States.

Is Hong Kong more expensive than New York?

According to a survey on the world’s costlier cities, released on Monday by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Singapore, Paris and Hong Kong are top three most expensive places to live. The two most expensive U.S. cities come in the bottom half of the richest 10 urban areas, with New York (No.

What is famous in Hong Kong for shopping?

15 Hong Kong Products A Traveller Shouldn’t MissJade. While pure jade is not for the light-of-pocket, the Jade Market in Yau Ma Tei – with its synthetic merchandise – offers an affordable alternative. … Original ChineseTea. … Chinese Mailbox. … Shrimp Paste. … Pinwheels. … Temple Charms. … McMug (Animation) … Asiatic Houseware.More items…

How much is a Coke in Hong Kong?

Cost of LivingItemsHK dollars (Approx.)A can of Coke, from convenience store (e.g. 7-11 or OK):$9.00A set meal (main dish, rice, and drink) at an average local café (Cha Chaan Teng):$50.00-80.00A Starbucks medium size Cappuccino$36.00A movie ticket (without 3D effect)$50.00-130.003 more rows

Is it safe to drink tap water in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s water is good enough to drink. According to the WSD, Hong Kong’s water is actually among the safest in the world14. … So as long as you maintain your plumbing in good condition, Hong Kong’s water is actually safe to drink from the tap without having to boil.

How much is a cup of coffee in Hong Kong?

Coffee at normal tea houses or cha chang ting around Hk $20. HK isn’t the most expensive by far. NYC, London, anywhere in Switzerland, and even Paris all have much higher costs. If you go to proper cafes, the cup of coffee can cost $30 to $40.

Is Hong Kong more expensive than Singapore?

Although Singapore moved one notch in the world’s costliest cities for expats, the city still trails behind Hong Kong which holds the distinction as the world’s priciest, according to Mercer’s annual cost of living survey. Singapore also trails behind Tokyo which occupies second place.

Is Hong Kong cheaper than us?

And if you’re looking to rent in the heart of Hong Kong, as opposed to the centre of any US city, you’ll be paying between 85 – 106% more than one Stateside. … Expect to pay between 960 – 1065% more to own a little piece of Hong Kong than the US. Of course, the reason for this is all down to size.

What is a good expat salary in Hong Kong?

The global Expat Explorer Survey, which comprised 22,318 respondents from 163 countries and territories, found that expats in Hong Kong earn an average salary of US$178,706 (HK$1.4 million), which is US$72,000 more than the average expat globally. The mainland is next at US$172,678, followed by Singapore at US$162,172.

How much does it cost to live in Hong Kong per month?

Summary about cost of living in Hong Kong, Hong Kong: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,733.86$ (28,948.41HK$) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,054.92$ (8,178.75HK$) without rent. Cost of living index in Hong Kong is 20.01% lower than in New York.