Quick Answer: How Do You Use Ostracize In A Sentence?

What does meticulously mean?


taking or showing extreme care about minute details; precise; thorough: a meticulous craftsman; meticulous personal appearance.

finicky; fussy: meticulous adherence to technicalities..

What does influence mean?

As a verb, influence typically means “to affect or change someone or something in an indirect but usually important way.” Something or someone that influences a person or thing, then, has an influence on that person or thing.

How do you use peccadillo in a sentence?

For this peccadillo he was demoted and sent back to pound the beat. His peccadilloes finally broke his marriage. She forgave her husband’s sexual peccadilloes. He dismissed what had happened as a mere peccadillo. People are prepared to be tolerant of extra-marital peccadilloes by public figures.More items…•

How do you use confer in a sentence?

Confer sentence examplesThe faculties of medicine confer the degree of doctor of medicine. … This time a board of Eight Men was chosen to confer with him. … The faculties of theology confer the degrees of bachelor, lice~itiate and doctor of theology.More items…

What does it mean to ostracize someone?

transitive verb. 1 : to exile by ostracism Despite his victories, Themistocles was ostracized by the Athenians. 2 : to exclude from a group by common consent a lonely dissenter, ostracized as an enemy of the people— Robert Brustein.

Is ostracism a form of harassment?

Ostracism is often part of a persistent and progressive campaign to diminish the value and presence of an individual in the workplace. This type of harassment is insidious, persistent and often done with the sole intent to either remove an individual or push that individual out of their position.

What is a peccadillo example?

A peccadillo is a minor offense or sin. Parents recognize that their kids have a few peccadilloes: they don’t always remember to say please and thank you, don’t put their dirty clothes in the hamper, and worst of all, they keep finding the chocolate stash!

Which of the following is an example of ostracism?

Ostracism is defined as the act of excluding someone from a group. When one kid in the class is never invited to parties or allowed to sit with the others at lunch, this is an example of ostracism.

What exclude means?

transitive verb. 1a : to prevent or restrict the entrance of. b : to bar from participation, consideration, or inclusion. 2 : to expel or bar especially from a place or position previously occupied.

How do you use ostracism in a sentence?

The whites who were responsible for the conduct of the blacks were warned or driven away by social and business ostracism or by violence. The conflict between the two leaders ended in the ostracism of Aristides, at a date variously given between 485 and 482.

What to do if you are being ostracized?

Here are some suggestions to choose from. Take It Seriously. Feeling bad after having been ostracized is not a neurotic response but a human response. … Take It Humorously. So someone decided to ignore or exclude you. … Take The Other’s Perspective. … Stand Up. … Connect With Yourself.

What does peccadillo mean?

English Language Learners Definition of peccadillo : a small mistake or fault that is not regarded as very bad or serious.

What does Piccadilly mean?

1 : pickadil. 2 : a high wing collar worn by men in the late 19th century.

Is ignoring a form of harassment?

This repeated ignoring is one of the worst types of bullying known. … Furthermore, rejection can be either overt, with acts of aggressive bullying; or passive such as ignoring a person, shunning or shaming. Being Ignored as a Bullying Tactic: Being overlooked can feel distressing; we’ve all felt this from time to time.

How do you deal with colleagues who exclude you?

Read on for seven tips on how to deal when you feel left out at work.Focus on finding “allies” rather than “friends” This is someone who informally looks out for your best interests. … Sharpen your skills until you become indispensable. … Resist the urge to take these situations personally.