What Did Sawyer Ask Kate For Him?

Does Kate and Sawyer end up together?

After three years, Kate returns and Sawyer’s old feelings seem to resurface once again.

However, Kate declares her love for Jack and they reunite in the finale.

Despite the hints of Sawyer having feelings for Kate, Sawyer’s true love is Juliet and he reunites with her in the end..

Does Jack love Kate or Juliet?

Jack reassured her that he’s not afraid of Ben and that Ben can come and find him. After performing an appendectomy on Jack, Juliet tells Kate that he kissed her [Juliet], but tells Kate that he’s in love with someone else [Kate].

What did Sawyer Call Kate on Lost?

Kate – FrecklesOf all of Sawyer’s nicknames, no matter how complimentary or condescending, there was none more well-worn or well-loved as his nickname for Kate – Freckles. It may have just been Sawyer’s attempt at flirting to begin with but the name quickly became his special term of endearment for his will-they-won’t-they partner.

Why is Walt special lost?

Ability. Walt is “special” because he can manifest his thoughts into reality. … In the episode “Special”, Walt is chased through the jungle by a polar bear after reading a comic book with a polar bear in it. All of the above stems from the exposure Walt had to a source of electromagnetic energy in Australia.

What episode does Kate kiss Sawyer?

Kate and Sawyer kiss in their cage. Episode no. “I Do” is the sixth episode of the third season of Lost, and the 55th episode overall.

What did Kate promise Sawyer?

right?! TRANSFERENCE: We learned (although most of you had figured it out long ago anyway) that Kate’s promise to Sawyer was to take care of his daughter, Clementine.

Who does Sawyer end up with?

Juliet. Origin: Juliet initially had decided to leave the island on the sub ride offered by The Dharma Initiative. Sawyer persuaded her into waiting with him for two weeks for Locke to return. By the three-year mark, they are living together, happily, as a couple and as members of the Dharma Initiative.

What happens to Kate and Sawyer at the end of Lost?

There’s an unspoken implication that, with Jack and Juliet both deceased, Kate and Sawyer might finally get together, but this is left entirely to the audience’s imagination. As Kate and Sawyer fled the island for the final time, they managed to drag Claire along with them.

Why is Kate Austen not a candidate?

Crossing out a name does not necessarily eliminate a candidate, however. In “What They Died For”, Jacob explained to Kate that her name was crossed out when she became a mother — and alluded that he was looking for people who were alone in the world to replace him.

Who does Kate date in lost?

Not long after being stranded on a super-strange island, Lost’s Kate Austen found herself drawn to two very different men — do-right Dr. Jack Shephard and a scalawag named “Sawyer” (aka James Ford).

Does Sawyer die in Lost?

When Sawyer is shot on the raft his injury, and journey to return to the island camp, leaves him septic and very near death. Despite the discovery of the hatch and all the supplies it has to offer, everyone believes Sawyer will die. He doesn’t. He regains his health and lives.

Who did Kate have a baby with on Lost?

When the Oceanic Six made it to the mainland, Kate presented Aaron as her son to the public. For a few days, Jack read bedtime stories to Aaron, hoping to become a surrogate father before getting a message from Charlie that he wasn’t supposed to raise him.

Does Claire die in Lost?

Back in season four, Claire was taken away mysteriously by her dead(?) father, Christian, leaving her son Aaron behind, who was taken off the island by Kate as one of the Oceanic Six. Later, Locke (the real Locke… I think) met Christian and Claire inside Jacob’s cabin, but something was certainly off about her.

Why did Sawyer jump from the helicopter?

Due to a bullet hitting the fuel tank, the helicopter they are on is going down fast, Sawyer buys them time by jumping off.

Do Jack and Kate ever sleep together?

The night before they’re set to leave on Ajira Airways Flight 316, Jack and Kate sleep together at Jack’s apartment, after Kate asserts that she’s also going back to the island, and makes Jack promise never again to ask where Aaron went. … She tells him she doesn’t like the “new” Jack, and that she liked the “old” Jack.

Does Kate really love Sawyer?

Though Kate may not have “loved” Sawyer in the strictest sense of the word, the two of them shared great chemistry. Whereas she shared a comfortable contentedness with Jack, it could often grow complacent, whereas the sparks between her and Sawyer would often catch fire and start a smoldering blaze.

Why did they kill off Charlie in Lost?

Charlie was resigned to the idea that somehow his death was required for Claire’s escape outcome to happen. Charlie didn’t necessarily have to die (meaning he could have survived and Claire still might be rescued), but his death was the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Does Kate chose Sawyer or Jack?

Kate made her choice—Jack.