What We Should Not Buy On Saturday?

Can we eat black chana on Saturday?

It is considered equal to dishonouring him.

However, offering laddo made of black sesame seeds to him on a Saturday is considered auspicious..

Can we eat Chana on Sunday?

Sunday: According to Brahmavaivarta Purana, eating gram lentils and moong dal on Sunday gives auspicious results and keeps you healthy. … Chana dal is considered the best to eat on this day.

What should you not buy on a Saturday?

List of Things You Should Never Buy on A SaturdayBuying things made of iron, is not considered auspicious for a Saturday. … Never buy oil on a Saturday. … Buying salt on a Saturday might become a reason for financial losses and increased debts. … Buying scissors on a Saturday is also never recommended.More items…•

Why we should not eat Chana on Saturday?

However, you should certainly avoid eating it on a Saturday. Eating it on a Saturday is believed to displease Shani Dev and cause a loss of wealth.

Which day is good to buy broom?

If there is a need to replace your old broom, follow vastu shastra to know about the auspicious occasion and timing. Saturday is considered to be the best day to replace broom. Always buy a new broom on Krishna Paksha. Purchasing it on Shukla Paksha can bring bad fortune.

Can I eat non veg on Saturday?

The moon plays a vital role in our digestive system. People say that one should avoid meat on amaavash(new moon) and Saturdays. The digestive system will be a little weak during that time due to the moon’s effect on the earth. Hence, people stay away from eating non-vegetarian on those particular days.

What should you not buy on Friday?

Shoppers will save money by not buying these 10 items on Black Friday, despite all the hoopla and how tempting the ads sound.Holiday Decorations. William Andrew / Getty Images. … Exercise Equipment. Glow Wellness / Getty Images. … Furniture. … Games and Toys. … Gift Cards. … Jewelry and Watches. … Linens, Blankets. … Tablets and Computers.More items…

Which day is good for buying gold?

Akshaya Tritiya – 26 April 2020 Another important day almost all Indians buy gold on is Akshaya Tritiya. It is considered to be one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar specifically to buy gold. On this day, the demand for gold amongst local jewellers in the country is seen to surge significantly.

Is it good to buy clothes on Saturday?

Saturday is considered as a black day to buy Iron and the things made of Iron as it has the nature to bring bad luck to the purchaser and his/her family members. … Friday is the best day to buy new clothes and other wearing materials. There is no specific day except Saturday considered to be the best day to buy shoes.

Can we buy black things on Saturday?

Fire is considered auspicious in Indian culture but don’t but fuel items like kerosene , match box, petrol or other inflammable item on Saturdays. Don’t buy black leather shoes on Saturdays , it is believed wearing shoes bought on Saturday bring failure in work.

Why is iron not sold on Saturday?

Any item made of iron or whose parts are made of iron like cars, computer, bikes etc should not be bought on Saturday. Iron is considered as Shani’s element hence getting iron home on Saturday (Shani’s day) may invite his wrath. According to scriptures buying these things on saturday is not auspicious.

Can gold be purchased on Saturday?

According to Astrology , there are certain items which one should avoid buying on Saturdays or even should not be brought at home on Saturdays. … Avoid buying any metal on Saturday. Gold, being a metal, should not be bought on this day.