Who Is The Highest Paid Quarterback?

Who is the highest paid quarterback 2020?

2020 Quarterback Average RankingsPlayeraverage1Mahomes Patrick Mahomes KC$45,000,0002Watson Deshaun Watson HOU$39,000,0003Wilson Russell Wilson SEA$35,000,0004Roethlisberger Ben Roethlisberger PIT$34,000,00054 more rows.

Who is the highest paid NFL player 2020?

quarterback Russell WilsonSeattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson comes in at number 1 for the biggest contract of $35 million. Take a look at the highest-paid NFL players for the 2020 season, as ranked by the average annual value of their contracts, according to Over the Cap.

How much does Patrick Mahomes a minute?

ESPN’s social media team did the math, and determined that Mahomes will make $1.60 per second, $96 per minute, $5,472 per hour and $137,808 per day from now until the end of his contract.

How long is Mahomes contract?

The Chiefs and Super Bowl MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes have reached agreement on a 10-year contract extension that ties him to Kansas City through the 2031 season, the team announced Monday.

Who are the top 5 paid quarterbacks in the NFL?

NFL’s highest paid quarterbacks (average salary per year):Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes: $45 million.Texans QB Deshaun Watson: $39 million.Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: $35 million.Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger: $34 million.Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: $33.5 million.Rams QB Jared Goff: $33.5 million.More items…•

Who are the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL 2019?

NFL’s highest-paid quarterbacks and the best-to-worst values for…Tom Brady, New England: $27 million.Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay: $26.5 million.Russell Wilson, Seattle: $26.2 million.Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh: $26.2 million.Cam Newton, Carolina: $23.2 million.Eli Manning, New York Giants: $23.2 million.Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers: $23 million.More items…•

Who is the best QB in the NFL 2020?

Without further delay, our list of the top-10 quarterbacks for the 2020 season.Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.Ravens’ Lamar Jackson. … Seahawks’ Russell Wilson. … Saints’ Drew Brees. … Cowboys’ Dak Prescott. … Texans’ Deshaun Watson. … Lions’ Matthew Stafford. … Eagles’ Carson Wentz. … More items…•

What is Tom Brady salary?

$15 million per yearCurrently, Brady makes an annual salary of $15 million per year, which makes him the 18th highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, according to NFL.com.

Who are the top 10 highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL?

The highest paid quarterbacks in the league: Ranking the top 10 highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL by average annual salary with contract details.Patrick Mahomes. Team: Kansas City Chiefs. … Deshaun Watson. Team: Houston Texans. … Russell Wilson. … Ben Roethlisberger. … Jared Goff. … Aaron Rodgers. … Kirk Cousins. … Carson Wentz.More items…•

Who is the lowest paid NFL player?

Tyrone SwoopesThe lowest-paid NFL player for the 2019/20 season is none other than Seattle Seahawks’ tight end Tyrone Swoopes. The 25-year old free agent was drafted in 2017 and has been signed and waived nine times from the Seahawks’ practice squad.

Who are the lowest paid quarterbacks in the NFL?

Carolina Panthers QB Kyle Allen is the lowest-paid NFL starter.

Who is the lowest paid quarterback?

Dak PrescottThe first-string quarterback with the lowest-paid salary is Dak Prescott, who makes a mere $630,000 a year.

Who is fastest man in NFL?

Tyreek HillTyreek Hill is fastest guy in NFL And man, did he ever impress. Hill stunned those in attendance as he bolted to a 4.29 40-yard dash. Since 2016, there’s only been one player run a faster time at the Combine, which happened this year with Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs narrowly edging out Hill’s time at 4.27.

What is Mahomes salary?

The 24-year-old quarterback’s new deal is the richest contract in NFL history. With an average annual salary of $45 million once the extension kicks in starting with the 2022 season, no player in American team sports will make more money on an annual basis.

Who are the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL?

Top 5 quarterbacks in the NFLDrew Brees, New Orleans Saints. The Saints may not have won the most games last year, but it’s hard to argue that any quarterback had a better season than Drew Brees. … Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts. … Tom Brady, New England Patriots. … Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers. … Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears.